Pestos and Marinades are hand packed in convenient 34 oz. plastic containers with screw top lids, available in 6 unit and 12 unit packs.

Coulis and Dessert Sauces are hand packed in easy to use 24 oz. squeeze bottles with cone tip lids, available in 6 unit and 12 unit packs.

Custom Packaging Options available from 1 oz. portion packs to 5 gallon containers. Contact Customer Service for more information.




All products in the Greek Island Spice line of condiments are produced with an emphasis on
detail to produce the finest in
fresh condiments
and spices.

Great attention is given to freshness, the quality of ingredients and consistency of product.

We recognize that our customers strive for perfection as a rule, so we pledge to maintain that same standard.

We are at your disposal to serve you, on time, with the best product.

We use no preservatives or chemicals.