The following authentic condiments are a collection of sauces, marindes, dipping sauces, and bases most popular to Thai cuisine. They provide a wide variety of applications as well as offer a vast array of flavors and heat. This line was developed to provide chefs with a full line of condiments of authentic Thai stations.




Asian Line

Thai Curry Pesto
Oriental Peanut Satay
Tropical Mango Chutney
Tandori Marinade
Tamarind Dipping Sauce
Tikka Masala
Lemongrass Pesto


The following Thai Station Condiments are available special order:

Coconut Satay Marinade
Thai Barbecue Sauce/Marinade
Green Curry Paste
Red Curry Paste
Mussaman Curry Paste
Five Spice Pork Marinade
Thai Lemon Grass Marinade
Panaeng Curry Paste
Thai Sweet and Sour Sauce
Mango Dipping Sauce
Thai Fish Sauce with Chili
Coconut Curry Noodle Sauce
Pad Thai Sauce

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